Test de nivel de inglés

Evalúa tus conocimientos en inglés con la prueba de nivel de Top School

Evalúa tu nivel de inglés con el test de Top School

Bienvenido al Test de Nivel de Inglés de Top School. ¿Quieres conocer tu nivel actual de Inglés como Lengua Extranjera? Cumplimenta este test de nivel y Top School te dará la respuesta. Tómate tu tiempo para realizarlo. Lee bien las preguntas y observa las respuestas cuidadosamente antes de seleccionar una. Si no conoces la respuesta a alguna pregunta, por favor, déjala en blanco. Eso te permitirá obtener una calificación mucho más precisa y acorde a tu nivel de inglés.

Ten en cuenta que no es conveniente que recibas ayuda para la realización del test de nivel. La finalidad del mismo es simplemente evaluar tu nivel de conocimientos actual para comprobar los aspectos lingüísticos en los que necesitas más refuerzo.

Para empezar el test, por favor, indica tu nombre y tu e-mail y haz click en el botón CONTINUAR, que encontrarás abajo a la derecha.

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1.- Peter ______ got three brothers.
Your new question!
2.- Mary and her family ______ dinner at the moment.
3.- They ______ TV every Sunday morning.
4.- He ______ basketball on the school team.
5.- They _____ in the USA two years ago.
6.- Would you like ______ biscuits?
7.- ______ students are there in the class?
8.- ______ do you go to the cinema?
- Twice a week.
9.- There is only ______ sugar for the cake.
10.- Whose book is this? It’s ______.
11.- ______ parents come from England.
12.- Peter has lived in England ______ three years.
13.- When are you visiting your cousins? ______ 21st May.
14.- In England ______ time of the year is usually from December to February.
15.- Mohammed Ali ______ his first world title fight in 1960.
16.- I feel very well because I went to bed early ______.
17.- I’m going to give ______.
18.- In cold countries people wear thick clothes ______ keep warm.
19.- A nurse is a person ______ looks after people.
20.- Look out! The car ______ crash!
21.- Students ______ speak in class.
22.- You met him while you were on holiday, ______?
23.- I had a car accident last week. I am still in hospital , but the doctor has told me that I ______ go home tomorrow.
24.- I haven’t seen Peter ______.
25.- They put loudspeakers so that everyone ______ hear.
26.- These houses ______ in 1960.
27.- You ______ told me that ages ago.
28.- If that man ______ towards me I would scream.
29.- If I ______ a garden like that I would have planted some rose bushes.
30.- “I’ve missed the train”, he said.
He said that he ____ the train.
31.- The doctor said: “I’ll be back tomorrow”.
The doctor said that he ______.
32.- I’m going to ______ by the dentist next week.
33.- Mary’s parents are working hard ______ she can study at Oxford University.
34.- Paul never got used ______ early in the morning.
35.- It was ______ we decided to go out for lunch.
36.- It’s starting to rain, I wish I ______ my umbrella.
37.- I regret ______ that you have failed your exam.
38.- ____ of all her efforts, she couldn’t arrive on time.
39.- Mrs Robins _________ ten children, all of them are alive.
40.- It’s no use ______ to learn a language just by studying a dictionary.
41.- It’s time ______.
42.- Many students of English ______ take a test.
43.- He gets annoyed when people don’t do ______ he tells them to do.
44.- You can learn the basic structures of a language quite quickly, but only if you ______ make an effort.
45.- This is the man ______ son is clever.
46.- I apologise ______ rude to you.