Test de nivel de inglés para niños

¡Para que los más pequeños de la familia evalúen su nivel de inglés!

Bienvenido al Test de Nivel de Inglés para Niños de Top School. ¿Quieres conocer tu nivel actual de inglés? Cumplimenta este test de nivel y Top School te dará la respuesta. Tómate tu tiempo para realizarlo. Lee bien las preguntas y observa las respuestas cuidadosamente antes de seleccionar una. Si no conoces la respuesta a alguna pregunta, por favor, déjala en blanco. Eso te permitirá obtener una calificación mucho más precisa y acorde a tu nivel de inglés.

Ten en cuenta que no es conveniente que recibas ayuda para la realización del test de nivel. La finalidad del mismo es simplemente evaluar tu nivel de conocimientos actual para comprobar los aspectos lingüísticos en los que necesitas más refuerzo.

Para empezar el test, por favor, indica tu nombre y tu e-mail y haz click en el botón CONTINUAR, que encontrarás abajo a la derecha.

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1.- What sport uses a ball?
2.- What animal has got big ears?
3.- What do you use for school?
4.- What is the clock?
5.- What is the raining picture?
6.- Who has got long blonde hair?
7.- Which is the guitar?
8.- What food is a fruit?
9.- What is the lighthouse?
10.- What is the sausage?
11.- Rosa comes ______ Uruguay.
12.- ______ the time?
- It's nine o'clock.
13.- Look at ______ airplane in the sky! It's very big!
14.- They are ______ the classroom.
15.- How ______ you today?
- I'm fine thanks.
16.- Hi. What's ______?
17.- She ______ television every evening.
18.- Do you come from Venezuela?
- No, I ______. I come from Ecuador.
19.- Are you Australian?
- No, ______.
20.- ______ Japanese?
- No, I can't.
21.- What is Harry ______ today.
22.- The weather's beautiful today. ______ sunny and warm.
23.- Did you see the weather forecast on TV ______ ten o'clock?
24.- Is Lagos usually warm ______ summer?
25.- Michael has lost ______ MP3 player.
26.- New York is ______ biggest city in North America.
27.- ______ are seventeen students in my class.
28.- Georgia ______ like eating English breakfast.
29.- How ______ do you read an English magazine?
- Every month.
30.- ______ the most famous athlete from your country?
31.- I ______ visit my aunt and uncle on Sunday afternoons.
32.- Are there ______ big shopping malls near your home?
33.- What time do you ______ go to bed on school days?
34.- He goes surfing ______ summer.
35.- How ______ milk do you put in your tea?
36.- How ______ DVDs do you buy each week?
- One or two.
37.- ______ green jacket is this? Is it yours?
38.- Is this Marjorie's hat?
- No, it isn't Marjorie's, it's ______.
39.- Stella's father is a ______. He built my house.
40.- Are you good ______ singing?
41.- Mrs Thomas isn't going ______ the Conservative party.
42.- ______ stand and touch your toes?
43.- Fabian ______ to the cinema after the lesson.
44.- How old ______ you in 2004?
45.- Where ______ Charlie and Phil last week?
46.- ______ you bring your dictionary on Monday?
47.- We ______ go to work yesterday because it was Sunday.
48.- I ______ this blouse at a shop in Paris last summer.
49.- ______ about light in your Physics class?
50.- I ______ my jeans because they were dirty.
51.- Today is ______ than yesterday.
52.- They don't ______ stay at school after the lesson today.
53.- Which book are you ______ in the holidays?
54.- This exercise is ______ than that one.
55.- Can you speak ______? I can't understand you.
56.- We can bring our cell phones to the school, but we ______ use it in class.
57.- How much work ______ every evening?
58.- Her ice skates are ______ than mine.
59.- Keith ______ his sister. She's taking her driving test.
60.- ______ never seen a tsunami.