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A few words from some of our Spanish students (1st July – 21st July 2012)

For me, the best activitie was the excursion to Oxford. I thought Oxford was boring, then we understand that it isn’t, there are a lot of more than colleges. I think it was so funny, one part, because Neil, our guide, was very funny. I liked the museum, it isn’t a normal museum, there are a lot of interesting things. I liked also to walk around Oxford, it was full of another students. Oxford has also a very interesting shopping area, it was fantastic!


We have play twice football in Bournemouth. The first time we played Italy vs Spain. We won but we were too much people playing in a tiny space. The second time we played five a side in it was more interesting because it is how in Spain we play. The interesting thing was the size of the goalkeeper that is completely the opposite to Spanish and Italian, more longer than usual. The second match we won 14-3 an epic score vs Italy, very good match that I really enjoy it.


In days the wether isn’t very good. Most days it rained or it was cloudy. Another problem about the English wether is that in the mourning it’s raining, just a moment later is sunny, then cloudy, then sunny, then raining and finally cloudy, during the day. This summer is the coldest summer from 1900 and the most raining from 1956!


I love the sports afternoons
Because I play football in Spain and English football is very similar to Spanish football.
The Sports centre is very good because the floor doesn’t slip and the football field is inside. We always go on Mondays and today is Monday and I’m very happy. We are going to spend a time great. But here in England the people play football indoor. It is very funny because is 5 versus 5. The name of the game is 5-a-side football. The most important rules about free kicks for example are: When a player is taking a direct or indirect free kick all of the opposing players shall be at least 6 metres from the ball until it is in play.


My favourite thing in England is my host family house because is big and fun.
In this live the parents, Paul and Jo, the children, Max and Lilly, and the students.
Before I was in a bedroom with an Italian student, Andrea, but he went home to Italy. Now I stay alone in a single bedroom, and in my first bedroom there are now two Italian students, Umberto and Pietro.
My favourite thing in England is the super disco V, is the best thing because in this super club my friends and I dance all night. Also I like this disco because the music is good and very loud. The disco have three rooms but we are always in the Main room. Also my favourite thing is the lessons because I learn some English and practice. The things the teacher explain are very good because I can use in my day to day life.

Jorge Hernandez Casado

My favorite thing is the parmesan cheese. I love it because the Italian students show me that this cheese is the best in the world. Every Monday we ate pasta and the family put cheese with it. The parmesan cheese has this history, currently, much of the Parmesan cheese is made with milk from Friesian cows, introduced in the territory around the year 900. However, the cow best suited to the production of cheese is the race reggiana, probably introduced by the Lombards. But far superior quality, milk production is little more than half of which is obtained from a Dutch-bred cow. Some small cheesemakers still use their milk to produce cheese of superior quality because this cheese is the best of the world, it need a lot of exford and work to be realise. But the best was living with the Italian students because they are very friendly and we are the best.


Curso de inglés en Bournemouth, Inglaterra para jóvenes 2016

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